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About Us
Win Within has been providing quality public service to the social network community for people by the people since our founding it is our mission to educate the world on fitness medicine for a better fitness, nutrition, interact with medicine and extended life to the average person to have a fitness tone body . We believe the best way to achieve this goal is to let the entire average person in the world to be able to gain the knowledge on Fitness Medicine through the access of our social network community.


WinWithin Yourself Support Organization!
WinWithin Corporation will be a dedicated non-profit corporation that will have operating membership login accounts that will be serving the environment of the World Wide Web assisting people of all ages. To accomplish their own personal physical fitness and health wellness goals into a healthier lifestyle through education approach methods on physical fitness, nutrition and alternative medicine subjects, which will include a peer-to-peer, support group system approach.
Our primary audience will be targeting the Baby Boomers, middle age, twenty-something, teenage and all type of peoples that dealing with Obesity and Diabetic and giving the other membership a chance to help their follow members with their support. Our goal will be helping everyone in the Win Within Community to expand their healthier lifestyle knowledge as the membership people are improving their health in their daily lifestyle. Everyone always wants a new World Wide Web social website that offers different interaction levels of physical fitness with social activities that includes an ultimately peer-to-peer communication channel support groups.
The WinWithin website will be an online information community where global people can interact in all physical fitness and social level from different lifestyles, who wants to improve and accomplish their personal physical fitness and wellness goals. The website will include a main public chat rooms and private groups that include private chat rooms, membership profiles, with journals for all members in the community. In addition, it will allow personal trainers, nutritionist and wellness coaches to interact and advertise their services within the WinWithin website. All WinWithin membership will receive a membership benefit that includes our objective and service is to create a communication channel to the world that will support people to be motivated in their pursuit of mental, physical and spiritual goals.


Company Management:
Michelle M. Ellis serves as CEO for WinWithin, INC.

Michael R. Frey serves as VP of Operations for WinWithin, INC.

DR. Win Paris serves as Fitness Medicine Professor for WinWithin, INC.


Facts on Dr Win Paris:
1964 - Developed the Father of Fitness Medicine concept.

1965 - Founder of Paris Medical Health Club.

1966 - Founder of California Physical Fitness Association.

1967 - Founder of Jack La Lane Health Spas.

1976 - Author of How to Reduce Your Waistline.

1978 - Author of Super Fitness.

1986 - Fitness Medicine research completed after 21 years of knowledge.


Quotes on Dr Win Paris:
"Win is a ‘Boy Genius’"
Jack La Lane 1971 (The Fitness King!)

"Win is a man with a medioric mind, the‘Einstein of Fitness’"
Vic Tanny 1981 (Father of the Fitness Industry)

"Win is my Fitness Educator"
George Allen 1984 (Chairman of Presidents Council of Physical Fitness)


Our partners are our global members for our future global member to a better social network Community.